La Brasserie de L’Entrecôte is a unique restaurant in many ways. For 25 years we have specialized in preparing a very special dish: the tender and sliced Entrecote, served with delicious and crispy French fries, complemented with delicious starters, countless deserts and an excellent wine list. Moreover, in all its four restaurants, La Brasserie de L’Entrecôte offers something which makes it truly outstanding: an attentive, friendly and welcoming service and atmosphere. Well…simply brilliant!  Vive la différence!

Le Grand

La Brasserie de L’Entrecôte is inseparable from its top-secret recipe of sliced Sirloin Entrecote, with its herb-based sauce made out of 18 ingredients and inspired by the genuine recipe of the Café de Paris. It’s a unique and delicious combination. With its tender and tasty meat, delicately covered with the velvety sauce, our recipe is a truly gastronomic experience and a delicious journey to the Parisian savoir-faire e savoir-vivre.

Les Belles

We do indeed offer just one main course, but the flavours are many and varied. To start your meal, delight yourself with the basket of warm baguettes, delicious butter and homemade pâtés, and don’t miss out on our cheese plater. With the Entrecote, you can opt for the classic Green Salad with Crunchy Nuts and Vinaigrette sauce. But, before that, why not try our Fresh Salmon Salad, flavoured with a mustard and dill sauce, or our Shrimp with Mushrooms and Asparagus bathed in a sparkling wine sauce, our most recent creation. Let us surprise you!

La Sélection de

Nothing goes better with our Entrecote than a great wine. Hence, our oenologists and chefs have gathered in our cellar a selection of wines from the main regions of the country that offer a perfect harmonization with our dish. We work daily with big and small producers to bring you a most exclusive and original Wine List. Whether a novelty or a classic, your choice will always be worthwhile. Discover and enjoy.

Les Bons

Our desserts are so delicious that it’s always difficult to make a choice. From the classics of French gastronomy, such as Crème Brûlée and Apple Pie with Ice-cream, to the exclusive Brasserie creations such as the Chocolate Fondant Cake and the Strawberry Soup with Ice-cream and Cinnamon, the options are many and irresistible. Indulge!

Les Quatre

La Brasserie de L’Entrecôte awaits you in all its four Restaurants. In Chiado, in a renewed Pombaline building, the atmosphere is original and unique. In Parque das Nações, next to the Lisbon Casino, you will find a modern and luminous setting, with an irresistible terrace for sunny days. In Amoreiras Shopping Centre, the location is perfect for a business lunch or an after-shopping dinner. Finally, in the Cascais Marina, you will enjoy a magnificent view over the yachts and the Santa Maria Lighthouse.
Four delicious destinations to enjoy an unforgettable meal.

Rua do Alecrim, 117, Lisboa

Monday to Friday: 12.30pm to 3pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00 pm
Weekends: 12.30pm to 4pm and from 7.00pm to 11pm
Holidays: 12.30pm to 4pm

(+351) 213 473 616 – (+351) 936 489 778

Alameda dos Oceanos, Lisboa

Monday to Friday: from 12.30pm to 4pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00 pm
Weekends and Holidays: 12.30pm to 4pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00pm

(+351) 218 962 220 -(+351) 938 477 542

Marina de Cascais

Monday to Friday: from 12.30pm to 4pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00 pm
Weekends and Holidays: 12.30pm to 5pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00pm

(+351) 214 818 196 -(+351) 938 152 420


All days: from 12.00pm to 11.00 pm+

(+351) 213 844 796 -(+351) 937 481 010


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